Højmoser i Danmark

LIFE14 NAT/DK/000012

Danish English German


Præsentation af Life Højmose projektet

Denne video er en præsentation af Life Højmose projektet.
Videoen blev udarbejdet i forbindelse med det årlige Life platformsmøde i Örebro, Sverige i 2017. Videoen er filmet af naturfotograf Morten Hilmer.

Fotograf: Morten Hilmer
Tale: Marianne Lindhardt

Ny mosefilm havde premiere på COP 21 i Paris

Peatlands - climate regulation and biodiversity

Peatlands are habitats with a highly specialized flora and fauna. But peatlands also play an important role in global climate regulation. Peatlands cover only 3% of the land, but contain more carbon than the entire forest biomass of the world. When peatlands are drained, the hitherto well preserved carbon is released as greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. That is why it is important to keep the peatlands wet. For biodiversity conservation and for the climate.
This film is focusing on the importance of preserving and restoring peatlands and gives examples of restoration projects from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The films is funded by The Council of Nordic Ministers, www.norden.org
The film is produced by Jensen & Jensen media
Editor: Jan Skriver
Archive footage: Flemming Ahlmann
Swedish photos with courtesy from Susanne Backe
Finnish photos with courtesy from Metsähallitus
Estonian photos with courtesy from Herdis Fridolin
Get more information on www.norbalwet.org.